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Do you want to feel more confident about birth or breastfeeding? Are you nervous about your pregnancy and/or labor? Do you have questions… How painful will labor be? Who will support my husband/partner? What can I do to help progress a slow labor? Do you have someone you can trust? Buddhaful Bellies is here to help!

We support women and their families during this wonderful and emotional time. We offer information, physical comfort measures and emotional support.

Buddhaful Bellies also offer "Spa Mama" Spa Services to expectant mothers and their families. We use and sell natural products for mothers-to-be, your baby and family. Even Fido!

We look forward to providing you with the services, products and encouragement you need to enjoy this very special time in your life. Please explore our site and feel free to contact us for more information.

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I had not thought of using a Doula until the very end of my pregnancy when I decided I wanted to delay the use of medication for as long as possible or even try not to use any medication when I went into labor. Thankfully, I was referred to Laura who talked with me and took me on as a client - at 39 weeks! I didn't think I would find anyone who would be willing to work with me so late in the game. When my husband and I met Laura we immediately felt comfortable and I knew it was the right decision to make to use a Doula. During my labor, Laura helped me stay calm and focused, and reminded my husband to help me in small but invaluable ways. Thank you Laura!
   -- Jennifer, Albert & Margot