Buddhaful Bellies Empowering Births.


Dearest Laura, Thank you for your role in attending our son's beautiful birth. As our Doula, you gave us the comfort and support we needed through an intense and momentous experience. Our goal to have a natural, drug-free birth was made real! We are so happy that our baby Miles had such an amazing start into our world. All of the little and big things that you did, brought, and advised are all noted and appreciated. Also, thank you for informing us of Hypnobirthing, otherwise we would not have known about it and used it. We would be glad to serve as a reference for you for future couples. Thanks again!
- Sang, Nathon & Miles

Laura, I can't thank you enough for your amazing support and knowledge throughout my pregnancy. I am so glad that you love lattes like you do and I got the pleasure to get to know you like I have cause you rock :D I cant wait for you to get to know the Snap cause she is pretty awesome I like her a lot... Who am I kidding I love this little peanut.
- Kate & Lily

Laura, It was a total god-send having you there for us. I don't know how we would've dealt with things otherwise. Our little trio misses you! We were so happy to have you be a part of things. Thank you SO much!
- Mimi, John & Liam

I had not thought of using a Doula until the very end of my pregnancy when I decided I wanted to delay the use of medication for as long as possible or even try not to use any medication when I went into labor. Thankfully, I was referred to Laura who talked with me and took me on as a client - at 39 weeks! I didn't think I would find anyone who would be willing to work with me so late in the game. When my husband and I met Laura we immediately felt comfortable and I knew it was the right decision to make to use a Doula. During my labor, Laura helped me stay calm and focused, and reminded my husband to help me in small but invaluable ways. Thank you Laura!
- Jennifer, Albert & Margot

Laura was such a wonderful blessing in helping my husband and I have the birth experience we hoped and planned for our first son. She was available to answer questions any time, and on the day of delivery was an essential part of keeping me calm and relaxed. Having someone that is so experienced in birth and has so many tips and tricks to help cope gave me and my husband the confidence to have a completely unmedicated birth. We highly recommend Laura!
- Sheri, Bill & Laken

My labor came on quickly in the middle of the night. I was scared and extremely nervous. Despite my husband's attempts to calm me down, I was a mess-until Laura showed up. She knew exactly what to do to make me comfortable. I am convinced that the memories of that day would not be so wonderful if not for Laura's soothing presence!
- Sunny & Lola

Dearest Laura,
Your kindest and most genuine support, compassion and efforts during our pregnancy and labor have and always will be something we will never forget! Thank you for being such a great friend and “coach”! Your strength, humor and organization helped us get through such a momentous time in our lives.
- Love Always, Elaine, Ryan & Caleb